About Us

About Us

Dec 18

Planning Begins

Wedding venue is booked and the date is set! Jephson Gardens, Leamington Spa – 9th July 2016.

Nov 06


They released LA Cops for multiple consoles and PC. Helana won a recognition for Top 100 Women in Games. They went to San Francisco for a work trip and the crouches went with them on the plane. In June they managed to have a week holiday in Lisbon and after that Helana spent time with her family in Porto. In November a very special person, Helana’s grandad, passed away.

Jan 01

The Year Before the Big One

Ollie and Helana had originally planned to get married in August. However, 2015 was meant to be filled with roller-coasters. Helana has a foot operation in January and her mum spent a couple of months helping Ollie taking care of her in Leamington Spa. Every week they would take her on a wheel chair for a walk around the park where they would feed the squirrels. Before her operation, went dress shopping with her mum and found her wedding dress!

Oct 02

Indie Documentary

An indie documentary by Autodesk was made highlighting Ollie and Helana’s journey. Part 1 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkYV1gWYbf0 Part 2 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBtWGaHstX4 Part 3 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AiCy9nqClVM Despite all that… The best was yet to come…

Sep 28

The Engagement – Part 1

After many months of hard work on their new indie adventure, Ollie ‘kidnapped’ Helana from a games show in London and took her to a secret location for 2 whole days away. Little did she know they were going to be one of the best times of her life. They arrived at the Shangri La hotel at the Shard (still with jeans, t-shirt and backpacks) and entered this amazing place with 360 degrees views of London! After a swim with a view to St. Pauls’ Cathedral…

Sep 28

The Engagement – Part 2

…before getting ready to a super  yummy meal, on exactly the 5.5 year anniversary of them being together, Ollie opened a delicious champagne bottle and taking advantage of the fact that Helana was distracted looking at gorgeous sun set, he added a surprise to her glass. When she went to drink she saw a blue thing in the middle of all the fizzy bubbles. He asked her “Would you marry me?” and she said “Yes” when she managed to eventually stop crying with so much happiness. The moment couldn’t have been more perfect

Jun 02

Portugal – World Cup 2014

They went to Portugal on holidays in June to visit Helana’s mum and family, and watched a couple of World Cup matches on the huge TV at the beach.

Jan 01

The Indie Year

This was a year filled of achievements and hard work. After all, they had their own business to run and opened a games co-working space with 3 other directors called Arch Creatives. They went to California for work and a sneak few days holidays – Ollie’s first trip to America. They visited San Francisco, Los Angeles and met Helana’s old family friends in San Diego. They attended many work conferences and game shows in San Francisco, Cologne – Germany, Brighton, London and Birmingham.

Sep 13


Ollie’s family visited them n during the Leamington food festival and went for a trip to Warwick Castle. The company they were working for closed down. They started their own games company called Modern Dream and released Typing of the Dead. They spent xmas with Ollie’s family and New Year just the two of them with a super yummy African inspired homemade crab curry.

Jan 01

Full Year

Ollie and Helana moved to their new flat in Leamington. They have also released their second indie title called The Button Affair. They went on holidays to Bodrum and Ephesus with Ollie’s mum in May and went with all his family to Sorrento in July where they had a wonderful time. Ollie became Bafta Breakthrough Brit and Helana couldn’t be prouder.

Dec 14

First game, many adventures

They continued sharing many adventures, love for food games and art! In 2012 they visited Turkey, Florence and Pisa. Went for a wine tasting in Tuscany, celebrated the Queen’s jubilee in London (they’ve waited 3 hours surrounded by a huge crowd just to see queen Elizabeth passing by on a boat).  They also went for a road trip to Portsmouth, celebrated Xmas & New Year with Ollie’s family. They also released their first indie title called The Cat that Got the Milk. Busy year!

Mar 25


Ollie and Helana went on their first holiday (alone) to Budapest. He had no clue where they were going to until the very last minute. This is where the dreams about making their own games started.

Dec 20

They moved in together

Ollie and Helana moved in together in Leamington Spa and decorated their first tree.

Jul 07

He met the Portuguese family

Ollie and Helana went to Portugal together for the first time. He met her mum, grandparents and brother Eric. They went on a lovely trip to Cheires, her grandad’s Raul’s village where some of his family has a vineyard – Quinta do Estanho.

Jul 07

First holiday in Turkey

Ollie, his mum and Helana went on their first holiday together to Bodrum Turkey.

Sep 23

He met her mum and grandma

Helana’s mum and grandma flew over from Portugal for a few days. They all went for a walk at Charlecote Park.

Aug 14

She met his family

Ollie took Helana to his birth town of St. Albans. They stayed at his mum’s house and attended his nephews Christening.

Mar 28

The first kiss

Ollie and Helana went on several dates since the sushi & cocktails night. These included lunches, dinner parties, walks on the park, dancing class (yes she took him ballroom and latin dancing!), movie afternoons (including watching Pride & Prejudice) and many more. They liked spending time together and had loads of interesting things to say to one another. One thing led to the other and the first kiss was meant to happen

Mar 02

Sushi & Cocktails

Helana hosted a sushi & cocktails night at her new place in Leamington and Ollie was obviously invited. She learn that he was actually single. Most importantly of all they discovered that their birthdays were on the same day – 19th April!

Feb 07

The first meal

Ollie helped Helana move to Leamington Spa. After spending 6 months sleeping in a couch at a friend’s place in Birmingham, she was extremely happy to finally have her own place. On the day of the move,  Ollie and Helana had their first lunch together and got to know more about each other. She was convinced that he had a girlfriend and was probably engaged as he told her all about his dinner parties and that he was going on holiday to his flat in Turkey.